Cutter Operator

Department: Cutting/ Bindery

Job Type: Full-time

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Place printed jobs on jogger to align and weigh according to job specifications.
  • Align form inside cutter and program cuts.
  • Follow cutting program.
  • Monitor assigned machine during each cut to ensure adherence to specifications and make adjustments as needed to maintain specifications and operating speed.
  • Troubleshoot machine problems, resolve if possible, notifying Supervisor/Manager.
  • Replace worn cutting blades with hand tools when required.
  • Scan Form Ticket into cutting dashboard before programming cuts.
  • Scan Form Ticket into cutting dashboard after cutting form and enter number of cuts and number of lifts when prompted by the dashboard screen.
  • Report any and all workplace hazards to management immediately.
  • Ensure all equipment, tools, and work station are in good working order and are free of any safety hazards.
  • Must be available for any required overtime based on business needs.
  • Must be proactive with completing other duties as assigned.
  • Maintain a clean working environment before leaving each day.

Knowledge/Skills Required:

  • Ability to measure and count accurately.
  • Knowledge of cutting programs on machine.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to read, write, speak & understand English.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers.
  • Ability to use hand/power tools and safe use of them.
  • Ability to multi task with changing priorities.
  • Ability to recognize safety issues & corrective actions.

Education: High School

Experience: 1 year of experience on Polar or Heidelberg cutting machines.

Compensation: Competitive Pay & Benefits

We are an Equal Opportunity  and E-Verify Employer.

Other Information
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